TimePilot Professional and Enterprise:
Software Upgrades

Want to upgrade your TimePilot software to a new version with more features? No problem.

First, determine your current version. Here's how. Then see your options below. (Details about the software are available here.)

Note: After your purchase is complete, within one business day we will e-mail you a download link, installation instructions and a serial number to activate the software. If you need the upgrade immediately, please contact our Sales Department or our Support Department during regular business hours at Sales@TimePilot.com, Support@TimePilot.com or 630-879-6400.

Users of TimePilot Retail Edition Software (Version 4.0) or Software Version 2.XX

(multiple versions sold between 2001 and 2016)

Upgrade to TimePilot Professional Edition. $129
Upgrade to TimePilot Enterprise Edition. $239

Users of TimePilot Professional Edition

Upgrade to TimePilot Enterprise Edition. $149

The TimePilot software is compatible with all versions of TimePilot Vetro, TimePilot Extreme Blue, TimePilot Tap+ and TimePilot PC. TimePilot IV is also compatible with TimePilot Extreme and later versions of TimePilot Standard, a product that has been replaced by TimePilot Vetro. See below for more details.

If your TimePilot Standard looks like this (right), you can upgrade to the new TimePilot software.

If your TimePilot Standard looks like this (right), you cannot upgrade to the new software. This product is no longer supported by TimePilot and has been replaced by TimePilot Vetro. To gain the benefits of the new software, you'll need to purchase a new TimePilot system.

TimePilot software is supported by TimePilot Corporation on the following editions of Windows 10: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise. TimePilot software is on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app or until January 1, 2027.

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