Setting Up the Extreme Blue iPhone App

For instructions on how to use the app after it is set up, click here.

Thanks for downloading TimePilot’s iPhone app from the App Store.

These instructions are for users of the TimePilot Extreme Blue timeclock system. If you have the Extreme Blue Enhanced system (with PC software), your instructions are here.

Setting up the app

Before you start to set up the app, make sure you’ve prepared your Extreme Blue clock for use (see the Quick Start Guide for instructions on battery installation, setting up the padlock, etc.). If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

Extreme Blue iconTo get started, tap the TimePilot Extreme Blue icon (shown at right). The first time you start the app, the Quick Setup function will run, guiding you through the steps to get up and running. If, at a later time, you want to make a change in any of these categories, just tap "Settings" at the bottom of the screen.


First, you'll see the "General" screen. Enter a name for your phone and its phone number.

General screenshot


  • The name can be whatever you want; for example, "Acme iPhone 1" or "John's iPhone."
  • The phone number should be the iPhone's 10-digit number (including area code) without dashes, spaces or other punctuation. The phone name and number need to be entered only once.

Tap “Next” to move to the next screen.

Pay Period

Payroll Processing Setup screen

If you’ll be using the app to calculate overtime, tap the “Use for Payroll Processing” button. The button will slide to the right and show a green background. Choose your pay period and the first day of your workweek.

If you just want to use the app as a timer and won’t be using the OT or rounding functions, make sure the “Use for Payroll Processing” button isn’t green. (The “Pay Period” and “Week Begins” items won’t appear.)

Tap “Next” to move to the next screen.


Overtime screen

If you’ll be calculating overtime hours, tap the “Overtime Calculation” button. The button will slide to the right and show a green background and the “By Week” and “By Day” fields will appear.

Enter your OT policy.

Tap “Next” to move to the next screen.


Rounding screen

If you want to round your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs, tap the “Rounding” button. The button will slide to the right and show a green background. Enter the amount of time for rounding.

Tip: An example: If rounding is set to 15 minutes, anyone clocking in from 7:53 to 8:07 will be considered to have clocked in at 8 o’clock and anyone clocking from 8:08 to 8:23 will be considered to have clocked in at 8:15.

Tap “Next” to move to the next screen.

Employee setup

The last part of the setup process is setting up your employees.

1. Tap "No," then "Next."

Tap 'No.' You won't be connecting the app to TimePilot Central.

2. You'll be taken to the Employee Profile screen.

Employee Profile screenshot

You'll be guided through setting up your first employee and assigning the employee an iButton.

The first time you assign an iButton to an employee, your iPhone will "pair" with the Extreme Blue clock. This creates a link between your iPhone and the clock. Pairing is a one-time process.

  1. Enter the employee’s name in the appropriate field. Tip: We suggest this format: LastName, FirstName. (Example: Smith, John)
  2. Assign the employee a user ID. This can be any four-digit number, but it's important that each employee receive his or her own number—in other words, one ID number per employee.
  3. If the employee is entitled to overtime pay based on the specifications you set up earlier in this process, tap the Overtime button. The button will slide to the right and show a green background.
  4. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen to assign an employee an iButton. You’ll need to be at the clock to perform this function.
  5. Tap “Save” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  6. You'll be taken to the Main screen, which lists all employees and their hours. To add another employee, tap the "+" at the top right corner of the screen and repeat steps 1-5.

Your system is set up and ready to go. To learn how to use the app, click here.