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(Reprinted from the December 2011 issue of the TimePilot Times newsletter. © TimePilot Corporation, all rights reserved.)

This is a collection of short items about TimePilot systems and software.

One business, multiple companies

The Professional and Enterprise Editions of the TimePilot software allow a user to create more than one company. If you’ve got just one business, why on earth would you need more than one company?

You don’t need more than one if everyone at your organization gets paid on the same schedule. But what if you have two groups of employees, one that gets paid on a bi-weekly basis and one paid monthly? Or if your company uses temp employees? That’s when you need another company.

In Professional and Enterprise, you can have as many companies as you want. (In the Retail Edition, you're limited to just one company.) When you set up each company, it can have its own:

How are Extreme and Vetro like elephants?

Street drainTimePilot Extreme and TimePilot Vetro have long memories, and that’s a good thing for our customers.

Let’s say you have a Vetro and you download your transactions to your USB drive every two weeks. But after downloading them this time, you drop the USB drive and accidentally kick it into a sewer. Oh, no! Do you have to climb down into the sewer to retrieve the USB drive so the transactions aren’t lost forever?

Nope. Both Vetro and Extreme remember the last 12,000 clock-ins and clock-outs. All you have to do is contact our Tech Support Specialists (Support@TimePilot.com or 630-879-6400) and they’ll help you retrieve your transactions.

Unless you’re more adventurous than we are, though, you’ll need a new USB drive. We sell them at our web site, or if you want to use your own drive, there are instructions on how prepare it for use with TimePilot in our September 2011 newsletter.