TimePilot Definitions

Database Backup Utility

What's the Database Backup Utility?
Database Backup UtilityThis feature allows you to save a copy of your entire TimePilot database to another medium, like a server, a USB drive, an external hard drive or the Cloud. The backup copy will come in handy if your hard drive crashes or your database becomes corrupted. Here's how use the utility:

  1. Start the utility by clicking the "Administrative" Menu in TimePilot Central and choosing "Back Up Database..." from the drop-down menu.
  2. The software will suggest a backup location; if you want to change it, click the folder icon to the right of the suggested location and choose your own location.
  3. The software will suggest a filename for the backed up copy. You can change it if you wish, but be sure to keep the "mdb" file extension.
  4. Click the Back Up button.

Want to save or restore a backup of just your Current Transactions or an extracted pay period? Use the Backup/Restore Utility.