TimePilot Definitions

Insert Time

Insert Time screenshotWhen would I use Insert Time?
With this function, a supervisor can insert a block of time for an individual employee into TimePilot Central. This would be commonly used if an employee was on paid vacation. You can designate the date and amount of time to be inserted and add a note explaining the situation.

At the top of the box is a drop-down menu that lets you specify the category of time you're inserting:

Important: Be careful when picking a Transaction Type; depending upon the overtime policy you have set up in TimePilot, your choice here may or may not affect your employee's overtime hours.

You can also use this function to subtract time from an employee, if, for instance, an employee was paid inadvertently for hours they did not work in a previous pay period. To subtract time, click the "Negative Values" checkbox at the top right of the screen (the + signs will change to - signs next to the fields where you enter the amount of time added or subtracted) and continue as if you were adding time.