TimePilot Definitions


iButtons are available in a dozen colors. Visit www.TimePilot.com to purchase them.What's an iButton?
The iButton is an electronic chip encased in a stainless steel container smaller than a dime. The waterproof container is attached to a plastic keyfob that fits on a keychain. Each iButton has a unique ID number, which is detected by the time clock when the employee taps his or her iButton to it. The iButton has a far longer life than magstripe cards—it's much more durable and not subject to demagnetization, as magstripe cards are—and works as well in dirty environments as it does in offices. It's also safe to carry with a wallet or in a purse because it will not demagnetize credit cards. And employees don't feel as fearful about a loss of privacy as they do with biometric systems.

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