TimePilot Definitions


What's a Location?
Many organizations have employees working at other branches, facilities or even another part of a building. With the Location function, you can specify in the software where each employee works, and later create reports that include only employees at a particular location. The Location function is found in TimePilot Central > Setup > Location Setup.

You'll assign a location to an employee when you create or edit their profile. The system comes with a location already created called "Main." You can create new locations by clicking the "Add a Location" button, or edit an existing location (including "Main") by highlighting the appropriate location in the list and the clicking "Edit Location."

If you don't see a column labeled "Location" in TimePilot Central's Transaction List, you can add one easily. To do so, right-click the green row of headers in the Transaction List and check the box next to "Location" in the list that appears.