Getting Started

Clock Manager Setup for TimePilot Professional Edition Users

Setting up Clock Manager

When you complete the setup of TimePilot Central, you'll immediately be taken to the Clock Manager's Setup Wizard.

If you're adding a TimePilot Extreme Blue clock or a TimePilot Vetro clock, you'll choose the model of clock(s) to add and give each clock a name, which will identify it in Clock Manager and in the listing of each transaction in TimePilot Central. TimePilot Tap, PC and smartphone apps are installed in a more direct manner outside of the Clock Manager Setup Wizard, but they will also appear in the wizard to provide helpful information on how to set up each of these clocks.

(Don't want to add clocks right now? No problem—you can add them later by clicking the Setup menu in TimePilot Central and "Clock Manager" to start Clock Manager, then, once you're in Clock Manager, click the "Setup" menu and "New Clock Wizard.")

Adding a clock in Clock Manager

You'll have five choices of clocks in the Wizard. Whichever choice you make, answer the questions posed by the Wizard to get your clock up and running.