TimePilot Definitions

Check for Holidays

What's Check for Holidays?
Generally, holiday transactions are handled automatically; the system looks at the holiday schedule that has been applied to each employee and inserts the appropriate transaction. However, what happens if you realize on July 6 that you've forgotten to include July 4 as a holiday on your schedule? You could add the holiday time to every employee, but that's probably quite time-consuming.

A faster, simpler choice would be to add the missing holiday to the holiday schedules and then use the Check for Holidays feature. This feature looks at your holiday schedules and at your Current Transactions and adds missing holiday transactions. Here's how to use it:

  1. Check for HolidaysFirst, add the missing holiday to your holiday schedule(s) and save it (TimePilot Central > Setup > Holiday Setup > Click the schedule you want to change > Edit a Holiday Schedule), make the changes and click "Save." The date will show up in red, because it's in the past. For details on Holiday Schedules, click here.
  2. Next, start "Check for Holidays" (TimePilot Central > Edit menu > Check for Holidays).
  3. In the box that appears (shown at right), click the down arrow (circled in red) and on the pop-up calendar choose a date that occurs just before the date of the holiday you entered in Step 1. Using the example above, you might choose July 1.
  4. Click OK. The software will inspect the newly changed holiday schedule, see that the July 4 holiday is missing from the appropriate employees' work hours in Current Transactions and insert the missing transactions where needed automatically.

For more on how to handle holidays, click here.