TimePilot Definitions

Pay Types

What's a Pay Type?
A Pay Type is a combination of your organization's workplace policies. For instance, a Pay Type called "Hourly" might consist of the overtime policy that you named "Overtime #1," as well as vacation pay and sick pay, but no holiday pay. A Pay Type called "Salary" might include sick pay, vacation pay and holiday pay, but no overtime pay. You can have multiple Pay Types.

You'll create your Pay Types in the Setup Wizard, which appears the first time you start your TimePilot software. You can edit your Pay Types or add or delete a Pay Type by clicking on the Setup menu in TimePilot Central and choosing "Pay Type Setup... ." When you set up employees, you'll assign a Pay Type to each employee.

Pay Type Screenshot

To edit or delete a Pay Type, click on the name of the Pay Type and then the appropriate button. To create a Pay Type, click the "Add a Pay Type" button.

Here's how to set up a Pay Type:

  1. First, give the Pay Type a name.
  2. Next, answer the questions. Depending upon your answers to the first two questions, other questions may pop up.
  3. When you're done, click "Save."
  4. Repeat the process for additional Pay Types, if necessary.