TimePilot Extreme

All About Extreme Data Manager

TimePilot Extreme iconThe Extreme Data Manager is a small program that acts as the bridge between your Extreme timeclock(s) and the TimePilot Central software. With Extreme Data Manager, you can:

To start Extreme Data Manager, click the TimePilot Extreme icon on your desktop (shown above) or click "Start," then "All Programs," "TimePilot IV" and "TimePilot Extreme."

Extreme Data Manager screenshot

You'll be asked to log in your TimePilot Central password. The Extreme Data Manager (see screenshot above) will appear, showing you the clocks you have installed.

In the menu bar, there are four items: File, Edit, View and Help. These are explained below.

Below the menu bar, there are three "Quick Buttons"—shortcuts to commonly used functions: Add Station, Import Data and View Transactions.

Pop-up menu in Extreme Data ManagerIf you right-click the icon of a station, you'll see a pop-up menu of frequently used functions, all of which are also available in the File, Edit, View and Help menus. (See screenshot at right.) Click any of the five items for more details:


Here's a rundown of the various menus and options:


File > Settings > Options

Extreme Data Manager: Options

If this option is checked, the TimePilot software will discard any clock-ins or clock-outs that are made by an iButton that has not been registered in its system. This might be used if, for instance, a drywall contractor and a roofing contractor were working at the same site, both used TimePilot Extreme clocks and a roofer accidentally clocked in on the drywall contractor's clock. If the box is left unchecked, the transaction will show up without a name attached, and a supervisor can delete or modify the transaction in TimePilot Central.

Checking this box will cause a backup copy of the transaction data that you're importing into the TimePilot database to be saved to an archive folder on your PC or server. If the box is not checked, no backup copy will be kept.

You have a choice of having the system automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time in the fall and the spring, or doing it yourself. We recommend that you choose the "Automatically Adjust for Daylight Saving Time" option. 

Data tab

Collected Data Source: In this section, you'll tell the Extreme Data Manager where to find your data. 

Exit: Exits Extreme Data Manager.