Getting Started

Software Choices

Why are there so many choices in installation?
We’ve found that many of our customers use more than one TimePilot time and attendance product. All of our products—TimePilot Extreme Blue, Extreme Blue Enhanced, Vetro, Tap and TimePilot PC—can work together, creating one custom system. So, for instance, you can run TimePilot PC in the front office, TimePilot Vetro in the back shop, TimePilot Extreme Blue Enhanced at the job site and Tap+ in the trucks, with all systems feeding time and attendance data into one folder on your PC or server.

By including all these choices except the iPhone App (that's available only at Apple's iTunes App Store) on your CD, we give our customers the greatest flexibility to install only the software they want.

By the way, if you’d like to try TimePilot PC for free for 30 days, you can install it by clicking "Yes" when you’re asked, "Do you want employees to clock in and out at this computer using the TimePilot PC clock?" After it’s installed, you’ll see a registration screen; simply click the "Evaluation" box and you’re good for the next 30 days. For more on TimePilot PC, please visit our web site,

If you wish to purchase TimePilot PC, call us at 630.879.6400. Upon purchase, you will receive the registration code to unlock the program. The setup information entered into the trial version, as well as the data collected, will automatically be transferred to the permanent version of the software.