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TimePilot can create a number of customizable, printable reports on your employees' work hours and other data. There are several types of reports available. Each can be printed, saved in PDF format, exported to Microsoft Excel (or another spreadsheet program) or Microsoft Word (or another word processing program) by using the "Print" and "Export" buttons at the top left of the reports screen.

The TimePilot software includes the ability to create PDFs. (PDF stands for Portable Document Format and can be read by a free program, Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most computers already have Acrobat Reader installed, but if you don't, you can download it at the Adobe Corporation web site here.)  

TimePilot's Summary Report

Here are the reports available:

*Note: The reports marked by asterisks are only available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of the TimePilot software. If you're reading this note, you probably own the Retail version of the software. If you find you need this feature (one of many features included in our more advanced versions), you can order a reasonably priced upgrade to TimePilot Professional or Enterprise at the TimePilot web site (www.TimePilot.com), by contacting us at sales@TimePilot.com or calling us at 630-879-6400.