TimePilot Tap

Moving TimePilot Tap+ Clock-In Data to TimePilot Central

If you’re using your Tap without the cable—that’s how we intended it to be used when we designed it—at some point you’ll want to get your clock-ins and clock-outs into the TimePilot database on your PC. Here’s how:

The red 'Not Connected' means the clock isn't connected to the PC with the USB cable.

1. Click the TimePilot Tap icon on your desktop. The Tap Manager will appear on your screen. (See screenshot above.) Note that the words "Not Connected" appear in the white box. That will change in the next step!

The green 'Connected' means the clock is connected to the PC with the USB cable.

2. Connect the USB cable that came with your Tap to the port on the Tap clock and plug the other end into a USB port on your computer. In a few seconds, the Red "Not Connected" will change to a green "Connected" and the date and time will appear. (See screenshot above.) At the same time, the clock-in and clock-out data is automatically transferred from the clock to the database, the time on the clock is updated to match the time on your PC and the battery in the clock is recharged.