TimePilot PC

TimePilot PCSetting Up TimePilot PC

Users of TimePilot PC have a few extra steps to perform to get their system up and running.

First, like any TimePilot user, they'll install TimePilot Central on the PC that a supervisor will use to work with the time and attendance data collected by the system. Then they'll install the "virtual timeclock" (shown at right) on the PC(s) that employees use to clock in and clock out.

The TimePilot PC software comes with five installation licenses, which means you can install "virtual timeclocks" on up to five PCs. (Need more licenses? You can order them at the TimePilot web site.)  

If the supervisor's computer will also be used to clock in and out, you'll perform both installations on that PC.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Install TimePilot Central on the supervisor's PC, as described here.
  2. Place the CD in the CD drive of the first PC that will run the "virtual timeclock." Click "Install TimePilot software."

    TimePilot Software Installation screen

  3. On the next screen, click "TimePilot Installation Wizard."
  4. Click "No" when the software asks if you'll manage TimePilot Data from this computer.
  5. Click "No" on each screen until you're asked if you want to install TimePilot PC.
  6. When the "TimePilot PC" screen appears (shown below), click "Yes."

    TimePilot PC Installation screen
  7. The installation wizard will start up. Follow its instructions to install the clock on the PC.
  8. After the software is installed, youíll see a TimePilot PC icon on the computerís desktop (shown at right). Double-click the icon to start the program.
  9. The software will ask you to select the drive where the time and attendance data collected by this PC will be stored. This should be the same location that you chose for the data when you set up TimePilot Central on the supervisor's computer. Don't remember the location? Start TimePilot Central, and on the opening screen, below the fields for your username and password, the data location is listed.
  10. Next, you'll be asked to register your program. The "TimePilot PC License Number" is on a sticker attached to the printed warranty information that came with your product. If you're just trying out TimePilot PC, click the "Evaluation" button to get a 30-day tryout.
  11. Repeat steps 2-10 for each PC on which you'll install the "virtual clock."

You can see which computers have the virtual clock installed, as well as delete the license from a particular computer, by going to the Administrative menu in TimePilot Central.