Royal Cash Register Accessories and Downloads

Cash Register Cable Kit

Set up your cash register at your PC! With this kit and the software below, you can use your PC's keyboard to enter your PLUs, Departments and Clerks, rather than using the cash register's keypad.

Also comes with an SD card, allowing you to download reports from your register(s) onto the card and import them into the Cash Register Link software.

The kit is intended for the following Royal cash register models only:

  • 240DX
  • 1000ML
  • 1100ML
  • 5000ML
  • 7000ML

Note: If you have the Royal cash register model TS1200MW or TS4240MW, your cables came with the register and all you need is the software. See below for a download link.

The kit consists of:

  • 10-foot serial cable
  • 2-foot serial-to-USB converter
  • 4GB SD card

Be sure to download and install the software below before using the cable kit.

Price: $59.99

Free ground shipping within the U.S.!

Cash Register Link software download

Click the button below to download the free, Windows-based Cash Register Link software. The software works with the following Royal cash register models:

  • 240DX
  • 1000ML
  • 1100ML
  • 5000ML
  • 7000ML
  • TS1200MW
  • TS4240MW

Software/PC requirements:

  • Pentium-class IBM-compatible PC.
  • 64- or 32-bit version of Windows 8 and higher, as well as Windows Windows Server 2008 and higher.
  • 1 gigabyte of RAM.
  • 30 GB of available disk space.
  • 1 available USB port.
  • SD Card reader (built-in or external).

Using Chrome as your browser? Having trouble downloading?

Some Chrome users have reported that they when they click the button above to download the software, nothing happens. That's a security "feature" of Chrome: By default, it blocks downloads. Here's how Chrome users can temporarily turn off the blocker:

  1. Open Chrome and click the three-dot menu at the top right of the window.
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose "Settings."
  3. On the Settings page, in the "You and Google" section, click "Privacy and Security."
  4. In the Privacy and Security section of the main page, click "Security."
  5. In the Safe Browsing section, click "No protection (not recommended)" to turn the feature off.
  6. Click "Turn off" in the pop-up to confirm you want to do this.
  7. Download the file that was blocked.
  8. After the download is complete, don't forget to restore your security settings by repeating steps 1-5 but choose "Enhanced" or "Standard" protection—whichever level of protection you had before making the change.

Don't want to deal with security settings just to download a file? Use another browser: Microsoft Edge and Firefox are good choices.

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