TimePilot Definitions

Blue Dot iButton Receptor

The Blue Dot ReceptorWhat's a Blue Dot iButton Receptor?
The Blue Dot iButton Receptor connects to the PC via a USB port and transmits an iButton's unique serial number from the iButton to the PC. The drivers for this device are on the TimePilot software installation CD. At one end of the cable are two iButton probes. You can touch an iButton to either probe or press it until it snaps in.

It is used in several ways:

You'll need to install the drivers for the iButton Receptor before using it for the first time. You can find the drivers on the TimePilot Installation CD. (Insert the CD in your CD drive; on the opening screen, click ""Install TimePilot Software," then "TimePilot Installation Menu," then "Blue Dot Receptor" and follow the instructions that appear.)