TimePilot Definitions

Pay Rate/Multiplier*

What's Pay Rate/Multiplier?
Some organizations (especially outside the U.S.) pay employees a fixed hourly rate for overtime hours instead of the more traditional regular hourly rate multiplied by time-and-a-half or double-time. Using this feature allows you to choose whether you'll use the traditional multiple—which you set up when you created your Overtime Policies—or fixed hourly rates. It might be used, for instance, by an organization that is required to pay employees of different ages different overtime rates.

Pay Rate or Multiplier setup screenIf your organization uses the traditional time-and-a-half or double-time multiplier, you do not need to use this feature. By default, software is set to use this method.

You can choose the fixed rate option by going to the Administrative menu in TimePilot Central and choosing Pay Rate/Multiplier Setting. After doing this, you'll need to set overtime rates in each Employee Profile. Note: This setting affects all employees; in other words, either everyone uses the multiple or everyone uses fixed rates. 

Even if you use the fixed rate option, you'll still need to set up at least one Overtime Policy: That will tell the TimePilot software when an employee has worked enough hours to trigger overtime pay. The fixed rate option will override any multiplier that you entered during Overtime Policy setup. (See the graphic at the bottom of this page for further information.)

If you want to change to the fixed hourly overtime rate, here's how to set it up:

  1. The number of pay rates varies with the version of the software: Professional Edition has three and Enterprise Edition has six.Start TimePilot Central, click the Administrative menu and choose Pay Rate/Multiplier Setting.
  2. Click the second choice, "Use Pay Rate values in each Employee Profile to calculate pay totals." (Shown above)
  3. Click OK. That "turns on" the feature; now you have to assign it to your employees.
  4. Click the Setup menu in TimePilot Central, then Profile Setup.
  5.  Click the name of an employee, then the "Edit a Profile" button.
  6.  Click the "Optional" tab at the top of the "Edit an Existing Employee Profile" screen (shown at right).
  7. On the right side of the Optional screen you'll see a box with a list of overtime pay rates (three for users of TimePilot Professional Edition software and six for users of TimePilot Enterprise Edition software). Enter the rates for each of your overtime categories and click Save.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for each employee who qualifies for overtime pay.    


The pay rate set here, in your Overtime Policy, will be overridden by the fixed rate if you choose this option; however, you still must tell the software when overtime occurs for each OT pay situation.

*Note: This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of the TimePilot software. (Click here to find out what edition of the software you have.) If you find you need these items, you can order a reasonably priced upgrade to TimePilot Enterprise Edition at the TimePilot web site (www.TimePilot.com), by contacting us at sales@TimePilot.com or calling us at 630-879-6400.