TimePilot Extreme

Installing TimePilot Extreme

  1. Place the CD into your computerís CD drive.
  2. When the opening screen appears, click "Install TimePilot Software."
  3. Choose the "TimePilot Installation Wizard," then follow the instructions to install TimePilot Central, the key part of the TimePilot software.
  4. Continue in the Wizard and install Clock Manager. This small program is used to send instructions to your Extreme clock via the USB drive.
  5. TimePilot iconsWhen the installation is complete, you'll see two icons on your start screen: One for TimePilot Central and the other for Clock Manager.

When you click on the icon to start TimePilot Central for the first time, you'll first be asked where you want to store your clock-in and clock-out data. Click here for details.

Next, you'll be taken through the TimePilot Central Setup Wizard, which is where you'll set up your organization's pay policies, enter your employees and assign iButtons. Make it easy on yourself: When assigning iButtons, use the iButton Receptor to read each serial number. To do so, plug the receptor into a USB port, then snap an iButton into the receptor and click the "Get iButton Number" button on the employee setup screen.

When you complete the TimePilot Central Setup Wizard, you'll be taken to the New Clock Setup Wizard in Clock Manager, which is used to set up and oversee your clock(s).

For suggestions on how to mount your clock, please see the Extreme Quick Start Guide and Extreme Mounting Template, which came in your clock package. Need extra copies? They're available at the Support Center on the TimePilot web site.