TimePilot Extreme Blue/Extreme Blue Enhanced

Backing up Data to Dropbox

(Extreme Blue users only; Extreme Blue Enhanced users should use the method that sends the data to TimePilot Central.)

There may be a time when you want to back up the TimePilot data that's saved on your phone. If you have Extreme Blue (not Extreme Blue Enhanced), you don't have the option to send the data to TimePilot Central, but you can still send the data to Dropbox for safekeeping. From there, the data files can be read (on a limited basis) by a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.  

To set up this capability, tap "Settings" on the app's Main Screen, then "Cloud Functions." Tap the “Link Dropbox Account” button and follow the instructions that appear. You’ll be able to give the app permission to save the data—both Current Transactions and Extracted Pay Periods—to a special folder it will create inside your Dropbox folder.

To save your data, tap the Cloud icon (in the iPhone app) or the Cloud button (in the Android app) on the Main Screen of the app on your phone. Your data will be sent to Dropbox. Your data will be saved as .csv files, which can be read by a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

Tip: For more about Dropbox, visit http://Dropbox.com.