TimePilot Extreme Blue/Extreme Blue Enhanced

Collecting Data From the Clock

Collecting your data from the clock is a quick and easy process. It can be done whenever you want—even multiple times within a pay period—but generally is done shortly after the pay period has ended.

For Extreme Blue Enhanced users, there are two ways to do it: wirelessly, with an iPhone or Android smartphone; or with the included USB drive. Extreme Blue users are limited to using their smartphones. Here's how to collect the data on a phone:


Tap "Collect" at the bottom of the Main Screen. Follow the instructions to complete the procedure.


Tap the "Collect" menu at the top of the screen and follow the instructions to complete the procedure.

For an explanation of how to send the data you have collected from your phone to the TimePilot software, click here.

And here's how to collect the data with the USB drive:

  1. Unlock the padlock securing the timeclock to the mounting plate, then insert the USB drive into the USB port on the bottom of the clock. The clock can be removed from the mounting plate to make it easier.
  2. Tap the included gray management iButton to the "In" probe of the clock. The lights on the two probes will begin flashing yellow in an alternating pattern while the clock readies the drive to write data. The probes’ lights will flash green as the clock writes the most recent data. When the lights stop flashing, a series of beeps will sound, indicating that the data has been written successfully.
  3. Remove the USB drive, reattach the clock to the mounting plate (if necessary) and secure the clock with the lock.
  4. Repeat the above steps for each clock using the same USB drive, if desired.
  5. Return your the PC and start TimePilot Central or Clock Manager.
  6. insert the USB drive into an available USB port on the PC.
  7. TimePilot Central or Clock Manager will automatically detect the presence of the USB drive with the TimePilot data files and download the files into the TimePilot database.