TimePilot Definitions

Add a Company

What's a Company in the TimePilot system?
A Company is the record of details—your Pay Cycle, when the workweek starts, whether you use Rounding, etc.—about your business. When you set up your employees, each will be assigned to a company.

The Retail Edition of the TimePilot software accommodates one company; in the Professional and Enterprise Editions you can create as many companies as you wish, each of which can have a different details. (Click here to find out what edition of the software you have.) If you find you need more than one company—one of many additional features included in our more advanced versions—you can order a reasonably priced upgrade to TimePilot Professional or Enterprise at the TimePilot web site (www.TimePilot.com), by contacting us at sales@TimePilot.com or calling us at 630-879-6400.

For more on multiple Companies, click here.

You'll create your Company in the Setup Wizard, which appears the first time you start your TimePilot software. Later, you can edit your Company details or add or delete a Company by clicking on the Setup menu and choosing "Company Setup... ."

Either way, here's how to create a Company:

  1. To create a new Company, click on the "Add a Company" button. If you want to edit or delete a company, click on the appropriate company in the list and click the "Edit Company" or "Delete Company."
  2. If you're adding or editing a Company, the screen below will appear. Enter (or edit) the information. Details are below.

    Edit a Company screen

  3. First, enter your Company's name in the field at the top of the box.
  4. Next, choose your Pay Cycle, which is when your employees get paid.
  5. Depending upon your pay cycle choice, the following items may appear:
  6. Decide whether you want to round your employees' clock-in and clock-outs. Itís often desirable to round transactions to a "round number"; for instance, to avoid having to calculate 1 or 2 minutes of overtime or penalizing an employee who starts work a minute late. This is where you set the amount of rounding your company allows (if any). Your choices are:
    The TimePilot system will keep track of both the time an employee actually clocked in as well as the rounded time. The actual time the employee clocked in or out will appear in TimePilot Central's Transaction List under the "Date" heading; the rounded time will appear under the "Time w/R" heading. Don't see the "Time w/R" column? Click the View menu, choose "Show/Hide Columns: All...," make sure there's a checkmark next to "Time w/R" and click Save.  

  7. Finally, click the Contact Info tab. Information entered here is entirely optional.   
  8. When you're done, click "Save."
  9. Click "Close" to close the Company Setup box.