All about Extreme Blue II

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TimePilot Extreme Blue II is a weatherproof, rugged time and attendance system designed for smaller organizations.

The highlights

  • Weatherproof, rugged and secure: It's padlocked to the worksite.
  • Collect data on your iPhone® or Android smartphone.
  • Extreme Blue II clocks transmit data to your phone 10 times faster than our original Extreme Blue clocks.
  • iPhone and Android smartphone apps calculate work hours in seconds, no PC needed!
  • Handles up to 2,000 employees.

The details

Employees clock in and clock out by tapping their house-key sized iButton to the clock. When it's time for payroll, a supervisor can download the clock-in and clock-out data right into the free TimePilot app using Bluetooth wireless technology built into their Apple or Android smartphone and the Extreme Blue II clock.

Looking for a more powerful version?

TimePilot Extreme Blue II Enhanced is for you. It includes everything Extreme Blue II includes, plus our TimePilot Central PC software that allows you to run reports and prepare data for payroll software like QuickBooks and services like ADP. The software also enables you to combine data collected by multiple smartphones at multiple sites, allowing an employee to clock in and one site and clock out at another.

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They can make any necessary corrections to their employees' hours within the app, and the app can calculate the number of hours of pay each employee should receive.

Write the checks, hand them out and you're done.

Want to keep a record of each employee's work hours?They remain in the app, and you also can send a summary of each employee's work hours to a free cloud service like Dropbox, for safekeeping.

Expanding your system is cost-effective: All you need is more Extreme Blue II clocks and more iButtons for your employees. Remember, the app is free and there are no fees to add employees (maximum capacity is 2,000).

How it can be used:

  1. Employees clock in and out at a TimePilot Extreme Blue II clock. An organization can have multiple clocks, and employees can clock in or out at any of them.
  2. When it's time for payroll, a supervisor downloads the clock-in and clock-out data into the free TimePilot app on their Apple or Android smartphone using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  3. The supervisor makes any necessary corrections to their employees' hours right on the spot within the app.
  4. The app calculates exactly the number of regular hours and overtime hours that employees have worked.
  5. Right at the worksite, the supervisor uses the calculator on their phone to determine how much each employee should be paid, writes out the checks and hands them to his employees.

With TimePilot Extreme Blue II, the supervisor can collect data from multiple clocks, so employees can clock in or out at any clock.

More info

Want more information? See the links at right. Questions? Give us a call at 1-630-879-6400 or e-mail us at

An Extreme Blue II system consists of 1 Extreme Blue II time clock, 1 mounting plate, 10 iButtons (enough for 10 employees), 1 padlock, 1 Management iButton, 4 AA batteries and a Quick Start Guide with instructions on how to download the TimePilot smartphone app.

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One year of technical support is just $100 (save $49!) if purchased with your Extreme Blue II system.

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Extreme Blue II system plus 1 year of technical support:

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Important information

Payment Options: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card, as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay. To order our products COD, we require a certified check and a $12 fee. Please contact us for details.

TimePilot Corporation guarantee*
If you are dissatisfied for any reason during the first 30 days after you purchase a TimePilot Extreme Blue II system from TimePilot Corporation, we will refund the purchase price if you return the system to us, freight prepaid and insured for the value of the system. If you choose this option, we hope that you will take a few minutes to help us understand why you're dissatisfied. Please be sure to call us for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before returning the system. We can be reached at 630.879.6400 and

TimePilot Corporation warranty*
For one year after you purchase a TimePilot Extreme Blue System, we will repair or replace (at our discretion) any malfunctioning hardware. The purchaser pays only the shipping to return the malfunctioning part to us.

*Note: The money-back guarantee and warranty are void if the system is returned in a damaged state for any reason, including damage that occurs because of a failure to follow installation instructions.