TimePilot Extreme Blue II Enhanced
On-Premise version
vs. the outdoor competition

At TimePilot, we believe in transparency and giving the customer good value. Recently, our price quote was 60% less than our outdoor competition's quote for an equivalent system!

Here's a comparison of the features offered by TimePilot and Extreme Blue II Enhanced with On-Premise Edition software and the outdoor time clock competition's policies and product:

Feature Us Them
Prices listed on web site? Yes No. It's like buying a car—you won't know what anyone else pays.
One price for "Starter Kit"? Yes No. Each item has a negotiated price.
Monthly or annual subscription fees? No Yes.
Number of iButtons (Keytabs) required for each employee? 1 2 (See note below)
Cost of iButtons (Keytabs)*? Maximum $5.90 each ($59 for 10); even less with quantity discounts. 10 are included in Starter Kit. $9.95 each ($99.50 for 10). See note below.
Also offers inexpensive office time clocks that work with outdoor and portable clocks? Yes (TimePilot Vetro and TimePilot Tap) No
Data collection with USB? Yes No
PC Software required? Yes (included in kit). Yes (priced separately)
Mounting plate and padlock included in price? Yes No. They're "accessories."
QuickBooks interface? Yes. It's free. Yes. Almost $400.
Battery life? 1 year (4 AA batteries) 25 days. Rechargeable battery.

Note: If you already have the "other guy's" system, you can switch to our system and use the same Keytabs. Or, if you just can't part with their system, buy your Keytabs from us and save money. Ours are guaranteed to work with their systems. For details, click here.