Getting Started

All About Clock Manager

Clock Manager screenshotWhat is Clock Manager?
Clock Manager is a small software program that lets you see all the TimePilot clocks on your system. It also acts as the bridge between them and the TimePilot Central software. With Clock Manager you can:

Installing Clock Manager

Clock Manager generally is installed along with TimePilot Central when you first install the TimePilot software. If you need to re-install Clock Manager, here's how:

  1. Place the CD into your computerís CD drive. No CD/DVD drive? You can download the program at our web site. After you install it, skip to Step 4.
  2. When the opening screen appears, click "Install TimePilot Software."
  3. Choose the "TimePilot Installation Menu" (not the "TimePilot Installation Wizard"), then follow the instructions to install only the TimePilot Clock Manager.
  4. After Clock Manager is installed, you'll see its icon (shown at right) on your desktop. You can also start Clock Manager from inside TimePilot Central, by clicking the Setup menu in TimePilot Central and choosing "Clock Manager."

Setting up Clock Manager

The process of setting up Clock Manager depends upon the version of the TimePilot software you're using. (If you aren't sure which version you have, click here to see how to find out.) Below are short descriptions of the differences:

TimePilot Professional Edition Users

A diagram of a fairly elaborate Professional Edition setup. Many installations will have simpler arrangements with fewer clocks.

Professional Edition users will install Clock Manager on a PC or server that has direct access to the TimePilot database (that is, the database is either on the PC's hard drive or on the server). Professional Edition users can install the TimePilot Smartphone App for iPhone or Android and link to it through the Cloud, but cannot link other TimePilot products to the system via the Cloud. For Clock Manager installation instructions, click here.

TimePilot Enterprise Users

A sample Enterprise Edition setup

TimePilot Enterprise Edition users can do all the things that Professional Edition users can do (described above), as well as use the Cloud to link other TimePilot timeclocks at remote sites with the TimePilot database at a central location. For Clock Manager installation Instructions, click here.