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Setting Up the Software, Part 1   Video available

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TimePilot 5 software iconOnce the software is installed on your PC, you can start setting up your system. To do so, double-click the TimePilot Central icon on your desktop (shown at left).

The first time you start the software you will be welcomed by the Setup Assistant followed by a prompt to set a location for your TimePilot configuration.

Cloud-Based Edition

If you purchased the Cloud-Based Edition of the software, the location you select will contain only your setup information, not your TimePilot database. The database and all of the important data is hosted in the Cloud, making it very easy to set up a new PC to access your data.

On-Premise Edition

If you purchased the On-Premise Edition, the folder location you select will be the location of your database. Therefore it is very important to read the following prompts:

If you are setting up the system for the first time and you want the data to be accessible from other PCs in your network, install this software on the PC that will host the data and be accessible to other PCs in your network, most commonly your local area network server. After the setup is complete, install the software on other PCs in the network, again following the prompts and selecting the server that is hosting your database.

If this PC is not going to be accessed by other PCs in your network—i.e., Standalone—select a folder, such as the default "tpData5." The database will be created at this location.

Follow the prompts in the Setup Assistant to complete the setup of your TimePilot Central software.

After the folder location is chosen you will be asked for your software's license number. The license number can be located on the paperwork provided with your TimePilot system. (Can't find it? Contact our Support Staff at or 630-879-6400.)

You'll be asked to activate your software. You can activate by phone or via the internet. Activation simply tells TimePilot that you've begun using the software and starts your free support period. Cloud-Based Edition customers receive unlimited support for as long as they use the product; On-Premise customers receive 30 days of free support, starting when the software is activated.).

Finally, you'll set up your company, your company policies and your employees in the software.

On to Software Setup, Part 2

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