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Editing Transactions   Video available

Quick Buttons: From left, Insert In, Insert Out, Insert Time, Edit Transaction and Delete Transaction

Adding, deleting or modifying transactions is very straight forward. Use the Quick Buttons displayed at the top of the transaction list to quickly perform these functions:

Edit icon

Allows you to make changes to an employee's transaction. To use this function, first click on the transaction you want to modify, then click the "Edit" menu and choose "Modify." A box like the one at right will pop up. In it you can:

  • Change the date of a transaction.
  • Change the time of a transaction.
  • Change a transaction from "Out" to "In" and vice-versa.

And if you click the "More" button, you've get even more options:

  • Tell the software not to apply Auto Lunch to this transaction.
  • Change the location, shift, department or company or name of the clock listed in the transaction.
  • Add a note to the transaction.

Delete icon

Delete a Transaction: Allows you to delete a transaction from the database. First click on the transaction, then click "Delete." You'll be asked to confirm your choice before the transaction is deleted.

Insert an 'In' Transaction icon
Insert "In"

Insert a Clock-In Transaction: Allows you to quickly insert an "In" transaction for any employee.

Insert an 'Out' Transaction icon
Insert "In"

Insert a Clock-Out Transaction: Allows you to quickly insert an "Out" transaction for any employee.

Insert time icon
Insert Time

Insert Amount of Time: Besides inserting in and out transactions, you can also insert a block of time for an individual employee; a paid vacation, for instance. At the top of the box is a drop-down menu that lets you specify the category of time you're inserting:

  • Regular Time
  • Lunch Time (if you don't use Auto Lunch)
  • Vacation Time
  • Sick Time
  • Holiday Time
  • Unexcused Time
  • Personal Time
  • Jury Duty
  • Bereavement Time
  • Salary Hours

You can designate the date and amount of time to be inserted. Click here for details. You can also use this function to subtract time from an employee, if, for instance, an employee was paid inadvertently for hours they did not work in a previous pay cycle. To subtract time, click the "Negative Values" checkbox at the top right of the screen (the + signs will change to − signs next to the fields where you enter the amount of time added or subtracted) and continue as if you were adding time.

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