Introducing TimePilot 5

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing a TimePilot time and attendance system. The system has been designed to grow with your business and be flexible enough to accommodate a business' changing needs. We've worked hard to make it a thorough and easy-to-use time and attendance system. We're sure it will cut your payroll processing time by hours and virtually eliminate mistakes.

How does the system work?

The data collected by TimePilot's smartphone apps and hardware-based time clocks is held in the TimePilot database and manipulated by TimePilot Central 5 Windows-based software. You have two choices of location for the database:

  • Cloud-Based Edition: With this version, the database that holds your clock-in and clock-out data resides in the Cloud, making it available anywhere there's an internet connection. That means the data can be accessed by a supervisor running the TimePilot Central 5 software anywhere in the world. The Cloud-Based Edition has several other advantages, too: Employees can clock in with a free app (TimePilot Mobile) on their smartphones or with a free app on their computers (TimePilot PC). Additionally, Cloud-Based Edition subscribers receive free unlimited tech support for as long as they use the system.
  • On-Premise Edition: With this version, the database holding the clock-ins and clock-outs resides on the customer's PC or server. Therefore, access to the database is limited to a supervisor who is running the TimePilot Central 5 software on their PC or their network or on the PC. It's designed for smaller businesses.

No matter which software you choose, you can mix and match the hardware to create the perfect system for your business, whether it"s a construction site, a mobile fleet, an office environment or a mix.

TimePilot smartphone apps

TimePilot Mobile

TimePilot Mobile screenshotTimePilot Mobile is available to TimePilot Cloud-Based Edition customers only.

TimePilot Mobile allows employees to clock in and out using their smartphone. It is a free app for both iPhone and Android devices. Each clock in and out is recorded with GPS location information and transmitted immediately to the cloud. In TimePilot Central, job sites can be created that define the GPS location so that when an employee clocks in or out using TimePilot Mobile the app will relate it to a defined jobsite.

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TimePilot XBlue Sky

XBlue Sky app iconThe free TimePilot XBlue Sky app is used by supervisors to collect data from TimePilot's Extreme Blue time clocks (see below). The app uses Bluetooth wireless technology to download clock-in and clock-out data from the time clock to the supervisor's smartphone. If the customer has TimePilot's Cloud-Based Edition, the data is automatically transmitted to the organization's database in the Cloud. If the customer has TimePilot's On-Premise Edition, the data remains on the phone until the supervisor sends it to his organization's database. In eather case, the supervisor can view each employee's work hours in the app.

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TimePilot hardware-based time clocks

TimePilot Extreme Blue

TimePilot Extreme BlueTimePilot Extreme Blue is a weatherproof, ruggedized, battery-powered time clock with an emphasis on simplicity. The free TimePilot Sky app on your iPhone or Android smartphone collects the data from any of the Extreme Blue clocks you"ve purchased using Bluetooth or a USB Flash drive.

After collecting the data using the Sky app from one or more Extreme Blue clocks, you can send it to TimePilot Central for processing. TimePilot Central allows you to edit the data collected and process the data for processing payroll, generating reports as well as preparing the data for the leading payroll software or services, like QuickBooks and ADP.

The Extreme Blue clock also includes a USB port so data can be collected using a USB flash drive. The flash drive can then be inserted into the USB port on a PC running the TimePilot Central software for processing.

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TimePilot Tap

TimePilot TapTimePilot Tap, our portable time clock, goes where other timeclocks are afraid to go.

The durable, battery-powered Tap is small enough and light enough to slip into a pocket or fit in a toolbox. It's also perfectly comfortable as a desktop time clock. Like its big brothers, TimePilot Extreme Blue and TimePilot Vetro, each clock can handle as many as 12,000 clock-ins and clock-outs.

At the end of the pay period, just use the included USB cable to connect the Tap to your Windows PC running TimePilot Central software and start Tap Manager, a small program that translates between the clock and the computer. The clock-ins and clock-outs are transferred automatically, and at the same time, the battery is recharged and the Tap clock's date and time are synchronized with the PC.

If the clock is used as a desktop system, it remains tethered to the PC with its USB cable, and supervisors can see in real time who is clocked in and who is not.

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TimePilot Vetro

TimePilot VetroTimePilot Vetro is intended to replace old-fashioned punch clocks. It's an elegant, wall-mounted time clock with a screen that lights up when the sleek black front is touched.

TimePilot Vetro can be plugged into your local area network—in which case it will transmit clock-in and clock-out data to the TimePilot database instantly—or in standalone mode without a network. In that case, it acts much like TimePilot Extreme Blue, keeping employee clock-ins and clock-outs in memory until they are downloaded to the TimePilot USB drive.

Once the data is downloaded, the memory in the clock is freed up (don't worry—the memory can hold up to 12,000 clock-ins and clock-outs).

The supervisor can then load the data into the TimePilot software onto his PC and prepare it for payroll.

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TimePilot software-based time clock

TimePilot PC

TimePilot PCTimePilot PC is available with the TimePilot Cloud-Based Edition only.

TimePilot PC is a free, software-only time clock allowing employees to clock in and out from the PC at their desks. The clock-ins and -outs are stored immediately and ready for processing using TimePilot Central 5 software.

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No matter which system you use, the principles remain the same:

  • Employee clock-in and clock-out data, also known as transactions, are collected in the TimePilot software"s database.
  • At the end of the pay period, the transactions are "processed" from that database where they are checked and corrected (if necessary) by supervisors.
  • Supervisors use that information to create reports that indicate the exact number of hours each employee worked.
  • The report can be printed, saved as a spreadsheet or exported in a format that can be used by payroll software or a payroll service.

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