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TimePilot Tap is the ultimate portable timeclock. It's battery powered and small and light enough to fit in a pocket.

How does it work? Here's the short explanation:

Employees tap their iButtons to clock-in and -out at the clock. When it's time for payroll, you start a small program called Tap Manager on your computer and connect the clock to the PC with the included USB cable. The data collected on the clock is transferred to the TimePilot database, whether it's in the Cloud (for users of our Cloud Edition) or on your server (for users of our On-Premise Edition). Supervisors then use the TimePilot Central software to view and edit the data, create reports and prepare the data for payroll software or services.

You can also leave the Tap clock connected to your PC with the USB cable and use it as a desktop time clock. As employees clock in and out, their transactions are sent instantly to the TimePilot database.

Here's a little more detail about how Tap works as a portable time clock:

When employees tap their iButtons to the battery-powered Tap, the clock saves three things to its memory: the iButton's serial number (which identifies the employee), the time and date and whether it's a clock-in or a clock-out.
The clock's memory can handle up to 12,000 clock-ins and clock-outs. Its battery should last a year before it needs to be recharged.

When it's time to do payroll, you'll move those clock-ins and clock-outs from the clock to the TimePilot software. That's done by first starting up the "TimePilot Tap Manager," which is a small software program that acts as the go-between for your Tap clock and your computer. Then you connect the Tap clock to your computer with the included USB cable.

Immediately, the Tap Manager moves the clock-ins and clock-outs into the TimePilot database. And at the same time, as long as the clock is connected by cable to the computer, the battery is being recharged and the date and time on the clock is synchronized to match the time on the computer.

To see the clock-ins and clock-outs (also called "Transactions"), start TimePilot Central. This password-protected software performs all the calculations and lets supervisors correct, insert and delete clock-ins or clock-outs, as well as create reports and prepare the data for payroll.

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