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Clock Manager

In Clock Manager, you can see all the clocks in your system.

What is Clock Manager?

Clock Manager is a feature of TimePilot Central 5 that lets you see all the TimePilot clocks on your system as well as see each clock's settings. It also acts as the bridge between them and the TimePilot Central software. With Clock Manager you can:

  • View all the clocks installed in your system.
  • Add clocks to your system or delete clocks from your system.
  • Set the date and time on the clocks.
  • Change a clock's name.
  • See when you last imported data from the clock.
  • See whether the TimePilot Service is running and turn it on and off.

To access Clock Manager, click the Clock Manager tab on the left side of the TimePilot Central screen. To see a clock's settings (and perform other functions), right-click the image of a clock.

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