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What are Reports?

TimePilot Central is pretty impressive, but when all is said and done, it's just dots on a screen. You can't click "Print" and a few seconds later have a perfect copy to show someone, and you can't email TimePilot Central to someone who wants to see their hours. So how do you get a hard copy of your data? In a word, Reports. When you run a report in the TimePilot software, the software pulls data out of the database and displays in a format that you can print or export to a PDF or even an Excel spreadsheet.

To run a report, click the "Reports" on the left side of TimePilot Central. You'll see a variety of categories: Summary Reports, Transaction Reports, Administrative Reports and Profile reports. If you hover your cursor over a report's, you'll see a short description.

Click the icon of the report you want. When the report is generated, you can choose various parameters. For example, in a Transaction Report, using the drop-doiwn menus at the top of the screen, you can generate a report for any particular employee or all employees, for any processed or unprocessed Pay Period, or simply between certain dates.

Customizing and memorizing reports

At the top left of the screen is a "Customize" button that allows you to design your own report with just the information you want. Clicking the button will display a pop-up menu showing all the datat that can be disoplayed. Just check the boxes next to the data you want, and click "OK." If you customize a report, when you close the screen you'll be given the opportunity to "memorize" the report format—in other words, to save that report format for later use. Memorized Report formats will appear at the top of the reports screen, in the (you guessed it!) "Memorized Reports" area. When you memorize a report, you'll be asked to give it a name, which will appear under the memorized report's icon, and a short description, which will pop up when you hover your cursor over the icon.

Printing or exporting reports

Click the print icon to print a report and the Export icon to export it.To print a report, click the Print icon at the top of the Report screen. To export it to Excel, Word or a PDF, click the Export icon and choose your format from the menu that appears.

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