Reporting on Reports: Putting Your Data
into Printable or E-Mailable Form

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There are lots of options when you're running a report.

TimePilot Central is pretty impressive, but when all is said and done, it’s just dots on a screen. You can’t click “Print” and a few seconds later have a perfect copy to show someone, and you can’t email TimePilot Central to someone who wants to see their hours.

So how do you get a hard copy of your data?

In a word, Reports.

When you run a report in the TimePilot software, the software pulls data out of the database and displays in a format that you can print or use to create a PDF or even an Excel spreadsheet.

You can run reports for any combination of dates, whether they’re in extracted pay periods or in your Current Transactions. You can also get reports on all of your employees at once, or you can focus the reports on the employees of a particular company, location,

department, shift or pay type. Of course, you can also run a report on a single employee or group of employees, too.

Depending upon your version of TimePilot software, there is a variety of reports available. To generate a report, start TimePilot Central, click the “Reports” menu and choose from the options offered.

If you want a printed copy of the report, click the “Print” button on the left side of the Reports screen. If you want an electronic copy of the report that can be saved or e-mailed, click the “Export” button at the left side of the screen and choose your file format.

You can choose from six different formats: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Excel Data Only (.xls), Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Crystal Reports (.rpt).

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