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Vetro Add-Ons and Accessories

TimePilot 5 software add-ons

iButtons come in 10 colors.iButtons

Need more iButtons? They're available in any of 10 different colors and in packs of 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 and 200.

The more you buy, the more you save over the 5-pack price.

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Extra Vetro clock.Additional Vetro Clock

A Vetro clock to expand your system or to replace a currently used clock. Comes with power supply and USB drive.

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Vetro Battery BackupVetro Battery Backup

This small battery pack has enough power to keep your TimePilot Vetro clock running for up to three hours during a power outage. It plugs into your Vetro clock and your Vetro power supply. It also acts as a surge suppressor, stopping power surges from damaging your Vetro clock.

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Vetro Power Over Ethernet KitVetro Power Over Ethernet Kit

This product, for customers who use their Vetro clock on a network, eliminates the need to have a power outlet near the clock. Instead, power is carried through the Ethernet cable that connects the clock to your network.

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Vetro Mounting Plate

These steel mounting plates for TimePilot Vetro simplifies hanging the clock on the wall and provides some security. Two hooks at the top of the plate fit indentations on the back of the Vetro clock and the clock is secured to the plate with a screw at the bottom of the assembly.

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The TimePilot USB Drive is used with TimePilot Vetro and with TimePilot Extreme.USB Drive

These USB drives are used to collect clock-in and clock-out data from your Vetro clocks. The drive has a brushed aluminum finish, is 2.5 inches long, 0.85 inches high and 0.38 inches thick and holds 1.86 gigabytes of data.

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Vetro Power SupplyVetro Power Supply

This is a replacement or spare for your TimePilot Vetro system.

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