On-Premise Time Clock Systems

TimePilot's On-Premise systems can use 4 different time clocks, each for a different environment. Mix and match the clocks to create your perfect system. The chart below describes their usage with the TimePilot 5 On-Premise Edition software—with the TimePilot database residing on your PC or server.


Extreme Blue

Extreme Blue

TimePilot Vetro

TimePilot Tap

Extreme Blue Enhanced. Click for details. Extreme Blue. Click for details. TimePilot Vetro. Click for details. TimePilot Tap+. Click for details.
Price $879 $569 $489 $379
Can also be used with TimePilot 5 Cloud-Based Edition software? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outdoor Use #
Indoor Use
iButton Clock-In
ID Code Clock-In
Uses TimePilot Management Software
Instant Transfer of Data to PC





#Pocket-sized, but not weatherproof. (TimePilot Extreme Blue Enhanced and Extreme Blue are our weatherproof clocks.)  With an accessory, the iButton Reader.  Just a few moments from phone to PC. †When used in Network Mode. ‡When attached to PC with the included USB cable.

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