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What version of the TimePilot software do I have? What's my serial number? Here's how to find out.

The Extreme Blue II Enhanced time and attendance system consists of a weatherproof, iButton-operated time clock, Windows-based software and a smartphone app. The clock sends the data it collects to the smartphone using Bluetooth wireless technology, and the smartphone uses its cell signal to send that data on to the Cloud, where it is retrieved by the software.

A simpler version of this product, Extreme Blue II, eliminates the Windows-based software. In this product, the clock sends the data to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and the smartphone app calculates each employee's pay. (For the Extreme Blue II Support Page, please click here.)

The Extreme Blue II clock resembles the original Extreme Blue clock, but it contains a Bluetooth Low Energy chip that simplifies connection with an iPhoine and downloads data more quickly.

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How do you know which version of the Extreme Blue clock you have? You can tell by the name of the clock printed on the front of the case (it will be either "Extreme Blue" or "Extreme Blue II").

Extreme Blue II Enhanced system

Extreme Blue II system

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