TimePilot Extreme Blue

Assigning iButtons to employees

You've added Employee Profiles to your XBlue Sky app (see instructions here); now how do you assign those employees their iButtons?

The assignments are made at the Extreme Blue clock. Make sure you also have your gray Management iButton and XBlue Sky app installed on your smartphone:

  1. Using the XBlue Sky app on your smartphone, select the Employees icon to see a list of employees.
  2. Tap the name of the employee to receive the iButton and tap "Menu."
  3. Select "Assign iButton."
  4. Tap the "Out" probe of the clock with your gray management iButton (the probe will flash orange) and select "Get iButton" from the menu that appears on your phone.
  5. When the clock is ready to receive the new iButton, the "In" probe will light up a steady orange.
  6. Tap the new iButton to the "In" probe.
  7. The iButton number will appear on your phone, the clock will stop flashing, and you can proceed with saving your profile.

Repeat the process for each employee.

Tap the employee's name, then 'Menu'    Tap 'Assign iButton'    Follow the instructions on this screen to assign the iButton.

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