TimePilot Mobile

Using the app

Clocking in and out

If you haven't installed the TimePilot Mobile app on your employee's smartphone, click here for instructions. Once the app is installed, clocking in and out using TimePilot Mobile couldn't be easier.

When you tap the TimePilot Mobile icon (shown at right) on your phone will synchronize with TimePilot Central, updating your phone with any changes in employees or settings.

To clock in or out simply click the IN or OUT button on the screen. If more than one employee is registered with this installation, select the employee from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen before clocking in or out. The transaction will be recorded and inserted into the TimePilot database.

Adding a note

To add a note to a transaction so that it can be viewed in TimePilot Central, tap the Note icon and tap out your message. Then tap the "In" or the "Out" button.

Viewing transactions

To view an employee's transactions, tap the "Trans" tab at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone and the top of the screen in Android.

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