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Adding an iButton to an Employee Profile

You can use your Tap clock to assign iButtons directly into an Employee Profile using TimePilot Central. Here's how:

  1. Open an Employee Profile. If you'd like to record the color of the employee's keyfob (they're available in 10 colors), click the "color" droplet in the iButton box. This can be helpful if an employee uses more than one iButton. For instance, if they receive one pay rate for one job and another for a second job you could track how much to pay the employee by having them clock in and out with one color for the first job and the other color for the second.
  2. Click the "iButton Setup" link located within the iButton box.
    Click 'iButton Setup' to start the process of assigning an iButton.
  3. Make sure your Tap clock is plugged into your computer, and click the "Start Tap Manager" button to continue. This will open the Tap Manager program, which serves as a conduit between the Tap clock and TimePilot Central.
    With your Tap clock plugged in, click 'Start Tap Manager.'
  4. Now tap the iButton you want to assign to the "In" probe on the Tap clock.
  5. You'll see the iButton number appear in this field as soon as it's recognized. Click OK and save your profile.

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