TimePilot Tap

Tap Manager

Tap Manager before a TimePilot Tap clock is plugged in (left) and after it's plugged in (right).

Tap Manager is the software that handles communication between your PC and the Tap clock. It only needs to be running when you want to connect the Tap clock to your PC.

When you plug in a Tap clock while Tap Manager is running, transactions are downloaded from the Tap clock into the TimePilot database, the date and time on the Tap clock are updated to the date and time on the PC, and the Tap's internal battery is recharged.

Clicking the menu (three dots at the top right) on the Tap Manager screen brings up the following choices:

  • Clock Settings: This gives you information about the clock that's plugged into the PC.
  • Change Location: This allows you to designate where this clock will be located. The choice of locations comes from the locations you entered while setting up TimePilot Central, and the location will be listed for each Transaction.
  • Check for Updates: Checks the TimePilot web site for a Tap Manager software update.
  • About: Gives miscellaneous information about Tap Manager.

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