TimePilot IV: The software of the future

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We’ve always aimed to make TimePilot software easy to use, but the new TimePilot IV software is the easiest-to-use software we’ve ever created.

TimePilot IV has been shipping with TimePilot Vetro, TimePilot Extreme and TimePilot PC since September, 2010, and it’s also available as an upgrade for most TimePilot products purchased before that date. It’s the only version of TimePilot software that will run on Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system.

One of the things that our customers told us was that instead of using Configuration Manager to set up the system and Transaction Manager to work with clock-in and clock-out data, they wanted everything in one place.

We listened. With TimePilot IV, you can add, delete and edit employees right on the same screen—called TimePilot Central—where you view your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs. You can also attach notes to any clock-in or clock-out and keep track of jury duty, bereavement and paid absences.

Among the other improvements over the old software:

  • Customize the TimePilot Central screen to show only the data you want (dozens of possibilities!).
  • Three levels of overtime.
  • More flexible handling of breaks.
  • TimePilot PC users will see a newly designed timeclock on their screen.
  • In TimePilot PC, supervisors can set the system to enable employees to view—but not change—their clock-ins and clock-outs during the pay period.

Besides shipping with current TimePilot timeclocks, the TimePilot IV software is also available as an upgrade for timeclock systems made by TimePilot since 2006.

The upgrade comes with a conversion utility that will allow you to copy your current TimePilot software setup right into TimePilot IV. Also, because TimePilot IV is entirely new software, it won't disturb your current TimePilot installation.

To learn more, see a series of screenshots of the new software or purchase the program, click here.

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