Secrets from the TimePilot Web Site

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The TimePilot site in 2002 (above) and today (below).Ever since TimePilot was founded a decade ago, we've had a web site. Ten years later, our site has grown to more than 100 pages. With that much content, sometimes it can be a little hard to find things. Here are some secrets—hidden and otherwise—from our site:

  • Do you know anyone who's looking for a time and attendance system? We have an article with tips on choosing a system (ours or anyone else's) right here.
  • Need another copy of your user manual or Quick Start Guide? How about a "cheat sheet" that you can post next to your timeclock to show employees how to clock in? You'll find them at the Support Center.
  • Want to save the data from a pay period to an Excel spreadsheet? Here's how.
  • Interested in seeing your estimated savings with a TimePilot system? Here's an article on the savings as well as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.
  • We care about the environment. You can learn what we do to be "green" here.
  • On the site's pages where you're asked to fill out a form (for instance, to get more information or to download software) you'll see a box like the one below. It's called a ReCaptcha box and it's a device that stops spammers in their tracks. Most spammers find your company's e-mail address with a computer program that scours the internet, harvesting e-mail addresses. But if your site uses a ReCaptcha box, only humans are smart enough to be able to read the two words that appear, and you have to type the two words correctly to submit the form.

    The ReCAPTCHA box is used to stop people from sending us spam.Here's some inside information:

    • If you can't read the words, click this button in the ReCAPTCHA box  to get two more.
    • Want to hear the words read to you? Click this button:
    • Want to learn more about the ReCaptcha program? Click this button:
    • By entering the words in the box, you are also helping Google to digitize texts that were written before the computer age. The words that you see were taken directly from old texts that are being scanned and stored in digital format in order to preserve them and make them more accessible to the world. Since some of the words in these texts are difficult for computers to process, the results of your efforts are used to help decipher them. About 200 million CAPTCHAs are solved by humans around the world every day.
    • Want to use it on your site? Visit this site:

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