An unusual way to use TimePilot Tap

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TimePilot Tap+ used as a desk timeclock.A little over a month ago, we unveiled our newest product: TimePilot Tap, the ultimate portable timeclock. It has become a very popular product, and we’re finding out that the clock is being used in surprising ways.

We intended Tap to be the ultimate portable timeclock, and envisioned companies using two or three or more Tap clocks throughout their facility as well as by employees on the road and in the field.

But some customers have been using their Tap clocks in a very different way. Instead of carrying them far and wide, they’re leaving their Tap clocks on a desk or a counter, cabled to their PC. Used this way, the Tap becomes a very simple, easy-to-use timeclock, both for employees and for supervisors.

Here are some of the benefits to using the Tap in this way:

  • Employees can clock in and out whether the PC is running or not. If the PC is running, the clock gets power through the USB Cable. If the PC isn’t running, the clock’s internal battery takes over and holds the clock-ins and clock-outs in its memory. It can last for up to a year without a recharge. (How do you recharge it? Simply plug the USB cable into the clock and a USB port on your PC.)
  • Clock ins and clock-outs are transferred instantly to the PC (if it’s running!), so supervisors can see immediately who’s at work and who’s not.
  • Other desktop timeclocks are heavy and have a large “footprint.” The Tap is just 5 ounces and a little larger than a deck of cards. In other words, it's easy to slide it out of the way if it starts making a nuisance of itself.
  • When you add a new employee or an employee leaves your company, there’s no need for a supervisor to transfer those changes to the clock— it's done automatically.

The TimePilot Tap Starter Kit is just $379 and additional clocks are as little as $150 each. For more about TimePilot Tap, visit our web site,

New TimePilot Vetro accessory

Vetro Mounting Plate.Our new TimePilot Vetro Mounting Plate simplifies securing your Vetro to a wall and provides some security. The heavy-gauge steel plate mounts with the two included wall anchors and screws. Two hooks at the top of the plate fit indentations on the back of the Vetro clock and the clock is secured to the plate with a screw at the bottom of the assembly. When the clock is secured to the plate, the screw is hidden from casual view.

The optional plate measures 5 inches by 2.5 inches, is painted black and contains four holes in a diamond pattern.
Just $24.00.  Buy Now

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