Combining TimePilot Timeclock Systems

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Many of our first-time customers aren’t aware that you can add other TimePilot products to your current TimePilot system. All of our TimePilot timeclocks are designed to be used together, in any combination.

The key is that all of the clocks have unique names and they send the data they collect to the same TimePilot database. Each clock-in and clock-out is identified not only by the name of the employee, but also the name of the clock they used. This allows supervisors to see not only when their employees clock in, but where, as well. Your employees’ iButtons can be used on all of our systems except the TimePilot iPhone App.

Here are some examples of multiple-clock systems:

Example 1

The challenge: You have a TimePilot Vetro time and attendance system that’s mounted in your office and is cabled to your network. That’s fine for your office employees, but it means that the people who work in the back shop have to come up to the office to clock in and out. You’d like to have a clock in the shop so they can clock in and out where they work, but your network doesn’t extend to the shop.

The solution: Add another Vetro clock. Because Vetro can be used with or without a network, it’s a perfect choice. Mount the Vetro in the shop, plug it into a power source, add your employees, set the time and you’re in business. The clock in the shop will collect and hold clock-ins and clock-outs in its memory until you download them to the included USB drive. Then take the USB drive to the computer you use with the office’s Vetro timeclock and upload the data into the TimePilot software. All the data will be saved to the same database as the office clock, so everything will be in one place and employees can clock in at either clock. And you’ll be able to see in TimePilot Central when and where they clocked in and out.

The cost: Just $259.

Example 2

The challenge: You have a TimePilot Extreme (or Extreme Blue) system mounted at a worksite. Occasionally one or two members of your crew do small jobs at different locations, and you’d like to track their time when they’re off-site.

The solution: Add a TimePilot Tap clock. The workers can carry the small, light (5 ounces!), battery-powered Tap with them and use it to clock in when they start the job and clock out when they’re finished. When it’s time to collect their clock-ins and clock-outs, just attach the included USB cable to the Tap and the data uploads automatically to the computer running the TimePilot software. The workers’ clock-ins and clock-outs will appear in the same TimePilot database as your Extreme system, and you can use TimePilot Central to see all of the data.

The cost: Just $159. Want more Taps? We offer volume discounts: three Tap clocks for $459 (save $18) or five for $749 (save $46).

Example 3

The challenge: You have TimePilot Vetro in your office; you’d like to expand the system so that it includes a clock on an outside loading dock. You also have employees who are on the road all day and don’t want them to drive to the office just to clock in.

The solution: Add a battery-powered TimePilot Extreme Blue clock for the dock and a battery-powered TimePilot Tap in the vehicle for the employees on the road. The weatherproof, rugged, battery-powered TimePilot Extreme Blue is designed to be mounted outdoors. You'll collect your clock-ins and clock-outs from the Extreme Blue clock with the USB drive that came in the box with your Vetro system. Your employees on the road will clock in and out on the Tap, and at the end of the pay period you'll use the included USB cable to download the clocks ins and clock outs into the TimePilot Central software. Any employee can clock in at any of the clocks, and all the data from the Extreme Blue and the Tapgoes into the same database and is identified both by employee and by the clock they used.

The cost: $449 for the Extreme Blue clock, $30 for the Extreme Blue Management iButton, which allows you to download data from the clock to the USB drive; and $159 for each Tap clock, totaling $638. (Can't find that USB drive that came with your Vetro? They're $15.)

For more information or to have us put together a custom combination of clocks that will be a perfect solution to your challenge, give our sales department a call at 630-879-6400 or e-mail us at

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