Make your iButtons do double duty!

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TimePilot's CrossOver X45 lockIs your New Year’s Resolution to become more productive? TimePilot has a resolution solution: We sell a line of battery-powered door locks that lock or unlock with the tap of an iButton.

The flagship is our CrossOver X45 door lock. It’s a heavy-duty, weatherproof, battery-powered lock that is operated by iButtons, by a keypad or both. Your employees can tap their iButton to the lock to enter your building and then use the same iButton to clock in at your TimePilot timeclock.

Like all of our CrossOver locks, the X45 is smart and requires no wiring. You manage the X45 with our AccessPilot software, and here are some of the things you can do with it:

  • Set up a single iButton as a “master key”—one that operates all the locks in your facility at all times, replacing a whole ring of keys.
  • Allow individual employees access to a particular location by certain hours in a day, days in a week and even dates on a calendar. For instance, you can set the lock to open for John Smith only during the hours he’ll be working, and to open at all times for Mary Jones.
  • Give repairmen one-time access to your facility or access only on the dates and at the times you specify.
  • Track who used the lock and when they used it--even track failed attempts to open the lock.
  • Re-assign iButtons easily or disable them if lost: Instant security without the need to call a locksmith to re-key the lock and purchase new keys.
  • Use in dim areas or for the elderly or disabled. The lock operates with just a tap of the iButton (no need to turn a key), and the spot where it should be tapped is lit by a small red LED.

Even if you don’t use iButtons, the X45 is worth considering: Employees can also be given a four-digit code to open the lock, and you’ll still have all the features listed above.

The X45 runs on four AA batteries, which last for 10,000 openings or closings. The lock has an audible “low battery” signal, and, just in case, also comes with a traditional key that will open the lock if you accidentally let the batteries run out. The lock’s case is zinc alloy with a stainless steel finish. On the inner side of the lock is a “panic button” which locks the lock instantly.

The ability to track who used the lock came in handy for one of our customers, who had a CrossOver lock securing the back door of their building. After a tenant reported some items missing, the building manager downloaded from the lock a list of who had used the lock and when, and found that one man on the day shift had used the lock in the middle of the night. When confronted, he confessed and returned the stolen property.

The building manager was impressed with the locks, and installed them on each tenant’s office in the building.

They’ve provided even more benefits than she expected:

  • Before the CrossOver locks, when a tenant lost a key, she would call the local locksmith, wait a week or more to get the lock re-keyed and be charged $90 to $100 for the privilege. Now, with the CrossOver locks, she charges the tenant $5 to replace the iButton. If the lost iButton is found, it can be reused.
  • One tenant likes to have a monthly report on who used their office lock and when, just as a double-check on his employees. She  downloads the lock’s usage from the lock into her PC and sends the tenant an Excel spreadsheet listing who used the lock and when.

Each TimePilot CrossOver X45 iButton Lock costs just $325. You’ll need only one Management Kit ($149) no matter how many locks you purchase. The kit contains the software and other items needed to manage the locks. For more details, please see our locks web site,

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