Extend the Power of Your Vetro Clock with New Accessory

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We have a new product that can make life easier for our customers who use their Vetro clocks on their local area networks.

Our new Vetro Power Over Ethernet KitOur Power Over Ethernet Kit eliminates the need to have a power outlet near your Vetro clock. The kit turns your network cable into an “extension cord”—transmitting power from an outlet at your server or at your PC through the network cable to the clock.

Besides convenience, there is another possible benefit: Most servers are used with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and the Vetro power supply can be plugged into the UPS. This will keep the clock from losing the correct time during a power outage as long as the UPS is functioning.

The kit consists of two 7-inch-long adaptors. Each has a network cable connector at one end and two leads—one with a network jack and the other a power lead—at the other. The kit will work with network cables up to to 75 feet in length.

In the photo at right, the adaptor shown on the left is used at the clock; the one on the right is used at your server or PC.

The TimePilot Vetro Power Over Ethernet Kit sells for $29.95. To order, please click here.

Here's how it works:

How the Vetro Power Over Ethernet Kit works.

At the Vetro clock

You'll plug the two leads at the top of the adaptor into the network jack and the power jack on your Vetro clock. The network cable that connects the clock to your LAN is plugged into the network jack at the bottom of the adaptor.

At the server or PC

The network lead at the top of the adaptor is plugged into your router/switch/PC. The lead from the Vetro power supply is plugged into the power jack at the top of the adaptor. Your network cable plugs into the network jack at the bottom of the adaptor.

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