Moving TimePilot to a New Computer

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Where's My Database?

If you’re not sure where your TimePilot database is, start TimePilot Central on the old computer. Click the “Help” menu, then “About.” The “Data Path” indicates its location. (This is why we suggested you keep TimePilot Central on the old PC at least temporarily.) Now you can uninstall TimePilot Central from the old computer or leave it on there; it’s up to you.

You bought a new computer? Congratulations!

After it’s all unpacked and set up and Windows is updated (you did do that, didn’t you?), you probably want to get TimePilot installed and running.

Here’s how:

  1. (If your database is on a server, skip this step and go straight to Step 2.) Before you start the installation, if you have your TimePilot database on your old computer and want to move it to the new one, copy the folder on the old computer that contains the TimePilot data to a USB drive and paste it onto the new PC’s hard drive. See the box at right to learn where to find the database folder.
  2. Using your TimePilot CD, run the TimePilot Installation Wizard to install TimePilot Central and anything else you’ll need (like TimePilot Vetro Manager if you’re running Vetro) on the new computer. Don’t uninstall TimePilot Central from the old computer just yet—you may need it later in the setup process.
  3. Start TimePilot Central on the new computer.
  4. Create or open a database screenThe first thing the new installation will do is ask you if it should create a new TimePilot database or if you want to use an already established one. Click the “Open an Existing TimePilot Database” and navigate to the database you pasted onto the hard drive in Step 1 or the database on your server. See the sidebar, "Where's My Database?" if you aren't sure where it is.
  5. Click “Open” to connect your current database with the new software installation.
  6. The TimePilot software will probably tell you that it needs updating. It’s important that you follow the instructions to bring your software up to the latest version.
  7. If you wish, you can uninstall the TimePilot Central software from the old computer or leave it on there as a backup. It's up to you.

That’s it. Now you can log in to TimePilot Central and start working. Enjoy your new computer!

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