What's new at TimePilot? A lot!

New Cloud product gives customers a choice

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Yes, you can convert your existing TimePilot system to a Cloud system. Contact us at sales@timepilot.com or 630-879-6400 to learn how.

For the last 20 years, we have offered inexpensive time clock systems that require a one-time payment. Pay for the system, and the clocks and software are yours to keep forever. We acquired a lot of customers that way and we’ll continue to do so.

But those systems have their limitations, especially now, in a time of remote working. That’s because you can see your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs only when your computer is on the same network as the TimePilot database.

If you’re on the road or located someone else in the work, you’re out of luck. Until now.

TimePilot now also offers Cloud-based systems where your database is accessible on the internet. You can access your employees’ data—and employees can clock in and out—anywhere on the planet there’s an internet connection.

You start with the all-new TimePilot Central 5 management software and your dedicated database in the Cloud. You’ll pay a small monthly fee per employee. Then you decide how you want your employees to clock in and out:

  • Free iPhone and Android smartphone apps. Each employee can install the app on their phone, or a site supervisor can install it on their phone and multiple employees can use it to clock in and out. The smartphone apps transmit clock-ins and clock-outs to the Cloud database, as well as sending along the location of the phone when it was used to clock in. This “geo-fencing” allows supervisors to ensure that their workers are where they should be when they should be.
  • Free TimePilot PC. This software-based program lets employees clock in and out right at their desks.
  • TimePilot Extreme Blue II, TimePilot Vetro and TimePilot Tap. These hardware-based clocks can also be used with our Cloud-based systems.

These systems are far more flexible than our original locally hosted systems. For instance:

  • You can log in to your Cloud database from anywhere.
  • Employees can clock in anywhere.
  • If you use just the apps and TimePilot PC, the initial outlay to start tracking your employees’ time is just the monthly fee—no large layout of cash.
  • You can add and subtract employees to the database. This allows seasonal businesses, for instance, to pay the monthly fee only for employees who are actually working.
  • Your database will be backed up regularly and protected from hackers.
  • Free phone and email support for as long as you use the system. And our tech support specialists will be able to help you more quickly because they’ll be able to see your database.
  • Stop at any time—no contracts to sign.

Want to learn more? Contact us at sales@timepilot.com or 1-630-879-6400.