New TimePilot software: Our best ever!

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We recently released TimePilot 5, the all-new version of our software.

It’s definitely not a case of “make a few tweaks and slap a new name on it.” We started from scratch using the most popular aspects of our previous version and adding a ton of changes based on input from our customers.

We ended up with TimePilot 5, and current customers can upgrade to either of the two versions:

The Cloud Edition

In this completely new version, your employee data resides in the Cloud, where’s it’s accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. If you have employees working from home, they can use it; if you have employees at jobsites across the U.S. or overseas, they can use it too.

TimePilot Mobile appThe new TimePilot PCThe Cloud Edition also comes with our free smartphone app, TimePilot Mobile (shown at left), and free TimePilot PC (shown below), our software-based time clock, as well as free unlimited phone and email tech support.

You can use your current TimePilot time clocks and iButtons with it, or you can go totally virtual and just have your employees clock in and out with the TimePilot Mobile app or TimePilot PC.

As an added benefit, when employees clock in or out on their smartphone, their location is recorded and with just a click in TimePilot Central 5 you can see where the employee was when they clocked in or out.

This edition is subscription-based, which means than instead of paying a large sum up front, you pay an annual fee based on the number of employees who will use the system. We’ve done our homework, and set our subscription price among the lowest in the industry.

The On-Premise Edition

We didn’t want to abandon customers who like things the way they are, so this version has many of the same qualities as the version you’re using now, but it’s much faster, much easier to use and has many more features.

With this version, the data is kept on your server or PC, just like our previous software versions. It’s perfect for smaller businesses and for those who don't have reliable internet service.

It also comes with a new, improved version of the smartphone app that's used to collect data from Extreme Blue clocks: TimePilot XBlue Sky.

This edition is a one-time purchase, and also uses your existing time clocks and iButtons. Note: This edition does not support TimePilot PC.

We’re offering two special deals to current TimePilot customers who want to upgrade their software to TimePilot 5, On-Premise Edition:

  • Upgrade to On-Premise TimePilot 5: $200. Because the upgrade uses a new database format, you’ll need to re-set up your company and employees in the software.
  • Upgrade to On-Premise TimePilot 5 with database conversion: $300. We’ll convert your old TimePilot database to the new version, saving you from having to re-set up your company and your employees.

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