Cloud-based TimePilot Central 5: Clock in from anywhere on the planet!

TimePilot 5 software:
Cloud-Based Edition vs. On-Premise Edition

Cloud-based systems are designed for organizations whose employees work at various locations, and there's no need for the locations to be networked. In this system employees can clock in anywhere in the world using the TimePilot Mobile app, at an outdoor job site with TimePilot Extreme Blue, at their desks with TimePilot PC, in their office or workshop with TimePilot Vetro, or on the road with TimePilot Tap. Clock-in data is held in a database in the Cloud, where is is protected and backed up. Managers can access the database—to view and manipulate the data—from a computer anywhere in the world that has internet access and is running TimePilot Central 5 Windows-based management software. Cloud-based systems are offered on a subscription basis, with a monthly or annual payment for the use of the management software and a monthly or annual fee per employee. (See the chart below for details.)

Locally based (or "On-Premise") systems are designed for smaller, less spread-out organizations. Clock-in data is held in a database on the organization's network server or a networked PC. Protection and backup of the database is the responsibility of the customer. Managers can view and manipulate the clock-in data collected by using TimePilot Central management software on PCs on the same network. There is a one-time cost for On-Premise systems, which come with enough iButtons for 10 employees. All that's needed to add more employees is more iButtons. (See the chart below for details.)

Which version is right for you? If your employees' PCs are all on the same network, the On-Premise version is probably the right choice. If you have employees at remote locations, or who might move from place to place, and/or you want to work with the data collected at a remote location, go with the Cloud-based version. Not sure? We'll be happy to make a recommendation. Contact our sales department at or 630-879-6400.

Here's a comparison of both versions:

Feature Cloud-based
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Locally based (On-Premise)
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Pricing model Subscription-based, with monthly and annual plans. One-time price; you own the software.
Starting price Monthly: $20 software + $2/per employee.
Annual: $200 software + $20/per employee.
Varies by product; starts at $249
No. of employees Unlimited Up to 2,000
Range Anywhere in the world. All users must be on the same local area network.
Clock in with iButtons? Yes Yes
Clock in at PC? Yes Yes
Mobile clock in via smartphone or tablet app? Yes No
Includes tech support? Yes. Unlimited 30 days free; after that, $179/year
Database location Cloud Customer's PC or server
Automatic database backup and protection from hackers? Yes No
How do you access data in database? PC anywhere there's an internet connection PC on network only
Creates printable reports Yes Yes
Exports to leading payroll software and services like QuickBooks and ADP Yes Yes
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Contact us at 630-879-6400 or

(Our smartphone apps are free, as is TimePilot PC. Subscription prices do not include time clock hardware.)

Annual Plan
(Get 2 months free over monthly plan cost!)

(Does not include time clock hardware.)

$200 per year for management software + $20 per employee per year.

Monthly Plan

(Does not include time clock hardware.)

$20 per month for management software + $2 per employee per month.