Cloud-based TimePilot Central 5: Clock in from anywhere on the planet!

Do you have employees working from home? Or do your employees spend part of their time in the office and part of their time working from home?

With the current upheaval in the workplace, it's difficult to keep track of your employees' work hours. Our newest software, TimePilot Central 5, works with our smartphone apps and hardware-based clocks to solve that problem.

Unlike our "on-premise" products, with our Cloud-based products you start with the management software, all-new TimePilot Central 5, and add methods for your employees to clock in and out. You have plenty of choices:

  • TimePilot Mobile, a free app for iPhone® or AndroidTM smartphones.
  • TimePilot PC, a free program that loads onto computers and lets employees clock in and out at their desks.
  • Or you can use TimePilot's hardware-based time clocks with iButtons (the same ones used for our on-premise systems): the touchscreen TimePilot Vetro, the rugged, weatherproof, battery-powered TimePilot Extreme Blue II, and our pocket-sized portable clock, TimePilot Tap+.

The highlights:

  • Clock in and out anywhere there's an internet connection. Check your data from anywhere, too!
  • Your data is kept safe and backed up continuously. No more worrying about data security!
  • All new TimePilot Central 5 management software adds vacation accrual, enhanced reports and a real-time in and out board.
  • No limit to the number of employees: It can handle 5 or 5,000 (or more!).
  • Includes free iPhone® and AndroidTM smartphone apps and free support.
  • Subscription-based: Pay just for your number of employees. Monthly and annual plans available.

No remote employees?

Take a look at TimePilot's "on-premise" products. These products do not have a cloud-based database—instead, the database resides on your computer or server. These products include free support only for the first 30 days after purchase; unlike our Cloud-based products, they do not include free lifetime support.

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With TimePilot Central 5, your employees can clock in and out at any smartphone using the TimePilot Mobile smartphone app, any computer anywhere running the TimePilot PC software, or a TimePilot Vetro clock cabled to a PC or server with an internet connection.

For example, if they installed TimePilot PC on their home computers in the suburbs and their work computers in the city, and the app on their smartphones, they can clock in or out at home, at the office or on the road, and their data will be stored in a database in the Cloud (a first for TimePilot!). A supervisor half a world away can log into that database and see their employees' work hours in real time using the new TimePilot Central 5 management software.

TimePilot Central 5, like earlier versions of the TimePilot software, is where you view the clock-in and clock-out data collected in the database. It's also where you generate reports and prep[are the data for payroll. It prepares data in formats appropriate for all the top payroll software and services, including QuickBooks and ADP. It's more streamlined than earlier versions and even more user friendly.

How does it work?

When employees clock in or out with TimePilot Mobile, TimePilot PC or TimePilot Vetro, the clock-in or clock-out data will be transmitted via the internet to the database, which resides on a server in the Cloud. Besides the employee's name and clock-in or clock-out time, the data includes the location where the employee clocked in or out.

When a supervisor wants to view their employees' transactions, they start the TimePilot Central 5 management software, which connects to the Cloud database via the internet.

From there, the supervisor can add delete or edit clock-ins and clock-outs, as well determine where the employee clock in or out. If an employee is using TimePilot Mobile, the supervisor can call up a map to view the exact locatioon (using GPS cordinates) where the employee clocked in or out. The superviusor can then generate a wide variety of reports and prepare the clock-in and clock out data in a format that can be read by many of the top payroll programs and services, including QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex.

With this system, your TimePilot database, which records all your clock-ins and clock-outs, will reside in the Cloud, not on your PC or on your server. There are several benefits to this:

  • The database can be accessed anywhere in the world, as long there’s internet access. For example, you could have data uploaded from phones in California and PCs in Illinois, and those transactions could be viewed and manipulated at company headquarters in Massachusetts.
  • Your data is kept safe and backed up continuously. This prevents the loss of your data if the hard drive crashes in your PC or server.
  • Your database will be safe from hackers: TimePilot uses Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s leading Cloud services.
  • You get free unlimited phone and email tech support from our support specialists.


Users of the Cloud Edition will be charged a recurring fee based on the number of employees in their database. This fee covers the creation and monitoring of your company’s Cloud database as well as unlimited support from our friendly and helpful U.S.-based tech support specialists. You have a choice of monthly or annual subscriptions.

How much will it cost?

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscribers purchase a license to use the management software at $20 per month and one license for every employee at $2 per employee per month. The smartphone app is free. If you want to add any of TimePilot's hardware-based clocks to your system (Extreme Blue II, Vetro, etc.), each clock is a one-time purchase.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscribers get a discount—two months free—and pay $200 for the license to use the management software and $20 per employee per year. The smartphone app is free, and if you want to add any of TimePilot's hardware-based clocks to your system (Extreme Blue II, Vetro, etc.), each clock is a one-time purchase.

Important information

Payment Options: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

Privacy: We take your privacy seriously. We will never sell or share any of the information you provide to us, and we use secure servers to handle our online purchases.

Cancellation policy: You may cancel your subscription at any time. We will refund a pro-rated share of your subscription fees, depending upon when during the month (monthly plans) or year (annual plans) that you cancel. We can be reached at 630-879-6400 and


Contact us at 630-879-6400 or

(Our iPhone and Android smartphone apps are free, as is TimePilot PC. Subscription prices do not include time clock hardware.)

Monthly Plan

$20 per month for management software + $2 per employee per month.

Annual Plan
(Get 2 months free over monthly plan cost!)

$200 per year for management software + $20 per employee per year.